Fibre Optic Warranty


The 25 Year Warranty covers all permanent fibre cabling, adaptors and connectors within the horizontal cabling of an Ultima fibre cabling system which has been tested and certified as such in place of the warranty set out in our current terms and conditions of sale. All other provisions in our standard terms and conditions shall continue to apply.

• Tier 1 testing must be completed for each link that requires a warranty.
• The tester shall be calibrated in accordance with the tester manufacturer’s requirements. If the current calibration date is not stored within the tester then the test results must be accompanied by a copy of the calibration certificate.
• Where the date of the results is outside the 1 year calibration period, the results will not be accepted.
• The tester shall be set to the correct fibre characteristics (e.g. Index of Refraction) as per the product’s published specifications.
• The test results should be submitted directly from the tester used and should include details relating to the settings for Range, Pulsewidth and Averaging Times.
• Fibre trace results should be submitted in the Bellcore format (.sor). For formats other than this, agreement must be sought in advance.
• Details of any launch lead used must be supplied with the test results and must include length and fibre type.
• Where testing has been performed by other methods, i.e. Loss Test Set or individual Light Source and Power Meter. The results must be submitted as a link loss sheet on letter headed paper and signed by a Director or Senior Manager of the company.
• The test results must show the overall attenuation of the link.
• The maximum allowable loss can be worked out using the following table
Testing limits with reference to ISO 11801

Ultima warrants the following:
1. All products forming part of a certified system will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 25 years from the date of installation or invoicing, whichever occurs first, and
2. The installation will satisfy the transmission performance requirements of the relevant standard as tested at the time of installation for a period of 25 years from date of installation provided that:
2.1. The installation is designed and installed in accordance with Ultima requirements by a current UCI.
2.2. The installation is fully tested to the current edition of the relevant standard and thoroughly documented.
2.3. All results and installation details are supplied to Ultima along with details of any moves and changes.