Structured Cabling, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A Warranty


The 25 Year Warranty covers all permanent copper cabling, outlets and jacks within the horizontal cabling of a Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6A structured cabling system which has been tested and certified as an Ultima Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6A system in place of the warranty set out in our current terms and conditions of sale.

• All other provisions in our standard terms and conditions shall continue to apply.
• All links must be installed and tested by an Ultima Certified Installer (UCI) in accordance to Ultima and industry guidelines to qualify for the warranty.

Certification tests for Cat5e/Class D, Cat6/Class E or Cat6A/Class EA must be carried out on all outlets by the UCI and submitted to Ultima for approval in order for a system to qualify as a certified system and thus be covered by the warranty. A suitable cabling certifier tester, as approved by Ultima, must be used. The results must be sent to Ultima in the form of an email or CD ROM, utilising the manufacturer’s software.

Copper (Horizontal 4 pair)
• 100% of all horizontal links are to be tested as permanent links.
• Full results must be submitted for each link
• Results to be submitted in the original tester format (see below).
• The cabling system must be installed in accordance with the relevant standards for open structured cabling.
• Test patch cords used for testing may only be of a type approved by the manufacturer for the tester being used.
• The test equipment shall support the standard for which the warranty is being sought
• The tester shall be calibrated in accordance with the tester manufacturer’s requirements. If the current calibration date is not stored within the tester then the test results must be accompanied by a copy of the calibration certificate
• Where the date of the results is outside the 1 year calibration period, the results will not be accepted

• The test results shall be submitted in the tester manufacturer format (e.g. Lantek Reporter or Fluke Networks LinkWare)
• Full graph data shall be included in the results (this is set prior to testing)
• The tester shall be set to the correct cable characteristics (i.e. cable type and NVP) as per the product’s published specifications
• Do NOT submit duplicate results
• The latest tester software and firmware shall be installed
• The warranty shall be issued against the standard tested. E.g EN 50173 Class E
• Ultima reserves the right to decline the warranty if test results are altered in any way