Warranty Process


Structured Cabling • Fibre Cabling • Voice Cabling • Cabinets

Ultima Installer Accreditation

  • Installer completes Ultima Certified Installer application form
  • Application reviewed by Ultima and any training needs identified
  • Any necessary training carried out by Ultima
  • UCI Identification number and certificate issued

Warranty Application

  • UCI completes Ultima Warranty application form
  • Final site certification check list
  • Full set of drawings with numbered outlet locations
  • Test results
  • Calibration certificate for test equipment used
  • Warranty application reviewed by Ultima

Warranty Issue

  • Warranty Certificate issued

Warranty Claim

  • End user reports fault to UCI
  • UCI rectifies fault and, where appropriate, makes a warranty claim
  • UCI completes Ultima Warranty Claim form
  • UCI submits claim form to Ultima

Ultima Installer Certification
This is the first step towards the 25 year Certification Warranty being achieved. It is essential that the Ultima Certified Installer Application Form is completed, submitted and approved before any further progress.

Ultima will confirm receipt of your application and if successful you will receive a unique UCI identification number and certificate. Please note that certification is valid for one year only. Re-certification will be required after this time. If certification has already been received and is valid please proceed to step 2.

Warranty Application*
On completion of the project the Ultima Certified Installer (UCI) responsible for the design and installation of the system needs to complete an online warranty application form. As part of this application the UCI will need to provide;
• A completed final site certification check list
• Full set of drawings with numbered outlet locations
• Full and complete test results showing a pass result for every horizontal link to be covered by the warranty. A marginal pass is not accepted.
• Calibration certificate for the test equipment used. 
Ultima reserves the right to inspect the final installation prior to issuing the warranty.

Warranty Issue
If successful a 25 year warranty certificate will be issued to the end user via the UCI. The warranty certificate will be dated from the date of the last test. The UCI will receive two copies of the certificate, one to be maintained by themselves the other to be passed on to the end user. The certificate will need to be produced in the event of a future claim.

*To be completed by the UCI