Warranty Claim


In the event that there is a genuine problem with an Ultima warranted system, the following actions should be taken. In the first instance, the fault(s) should be reported back to the Ultima Cerified Installer (UCI) or to Ultima directly by the owner or end user if the installer is no longer in existence. If the UCI is unable to rectify the problem and wishes to make a warranty claim, an Ultima Warranty Claim must be completed and submitted to Ultima.

An Ultima Engineer may visit the site, if deemed necessary, in order to investigate further.

If the fault is found, and in the opinion of the Ultima Engineer it is a genuine fault, then Ultima will at its option:
1. Organise a replacement of the product, or
2. Repair the faulty product, or
3. Reimburse the user’s reasonable costs of organising a replacement of, or repairing the faulty product (including the user’s reasonable costs incurred in removing and installing/reinstalling the faulty product or its replacement), or
4. Refund the purchase price of the product at Ultima’s expense.

Provided that performance of any one of these options shall operate as an entire discharge of any liability Ultima may have under this warranty.

In all instances the findings of the Ultima Engineer will be deemed absolute.

Ultima reserves the right to request written evidence of any costs incurred in replacing, repairing, removing or reinstalling faulty products. Ultima will not accept any consequential loss or damages due to the performance or non-performance of Ultima products or products supplied by Ultima.