Ultima Protective Cable Matting


Product information


A fire rated Class 'O' nitrile rubber data cable matting to protect and maintain the performance of copper and fibre optic cables under raised floors or in containment systems such as basket tray.

  • Protects cables from sharp edges, snagging, protrusions & ridges
  • Lightweight and can easily be trimmed to length
  • 'Closed cell' construction prevents any chemical or moisture penetration
  • Rolls are joined using cable matting tape to maintain the fire standard (see 778129)

Download Data Sheets

776899 Basket Matting 6mm 100mm Black Reel Of 30mtr
776898 Basket Matting 6mm 150mm Black Reel Of 30mtr
776897 Basket Matting 6mm 200mm Black Reel Of 30mtr
776896 Basket Matting 6mm 300mm Black Reel Of 30mtr
800032 Basket Matting 6mm 400mm Black Reel Of 30mtr
791218 Basket Matting 6mm 450mm lack Reel Of 30mtr
777028 Basket Matting 6mm 500mm Black Reel Of 30mtr
800033 Basket Matting 6mm 600mm Black Reel Of 30mtr
800035 Floor Matting 13mm 150mm Black Roll Of 14mtr
800036 Floor Matting 13mm 200mm Black Roll Of 14mtr
778127 Floor Matting 13mm 300mm Black Roll Of 14mtr
778126 Floor Matting 13mm 500mm Black Roll Of 14mtr
800037 Floor Matting 13mm 550mm Black Roll Of 14mtr
778125 Floor Matting 13mm 575mm Black Roll Of 14mtr
779881 Floor Matting 13mm 600mm Black Roll Of 14mtr